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Getting Vygotskian about Theory of Mind: Mediation, Dialogue and Social Understanding

The ideas of Vygotsky have been increasingly influential in accounting for social–environmental influences on the development of social understanding (SU). In the first part of this article, I examine how Vygotskian ideas have to date been recruited to explanations of … Continue reading

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Semiotic Dynamics and Collaborative Tagging

Collaborative tagging has been quickly gaining ground because of its ability to recruit the activity of web users into effectively organizing and sharing vast amounts of information. Here we collect data from a popular system and investigate the statistical properties … Continue reading

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Language, Meaning, and Social Cognition

Social cognition is meant to examine the process of meaningful social interaction. Despite the central involvement of language in this process, language has not received the focal attention that it deserves. Conceptualizing meaningful social interaction as the process of construction … Continue reading

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On the Hive Mind – Explorations in Social Semiotics

This thesis is about how coordinated group behavior emerges out of the many interactions between individuals. While I focus primarily on humans, other animals —including the honeybee—provide simple models to explain some of the principles that are at work in … Continue reading

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