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Anthropology on Individualism or Altruism – Did natural selection favor individualists or altruists?

Christopher Boehm has been studying the interplay between the desires of an individual and that of the larger group for more than 40 years. He has conducted fieldwork with both human and nonhuman primates and has published more than 60 … Continue reading

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Design for Sharing

A sustainable society is one in which we choose positive behaviours that make us feel happier, more connected and more disposed to help others. Sharing is one such activity and it has the benefit that, as well as being a … Continue reading

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Skill Swarms – to Share Expertise and Work Smarter together

Ability to find, share and connect with the right expertise quickly across teams is a big challenge especially for large organizations that are looking for becoming more agile and responsive to a constantly changing world.Many organizations have expended incredible efforts … Continue reading

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Learning to Share

It is hard to expect a young child to understand what it means to share in the everyday sense that you and I understand.  During zero to three years old, children are ego-centric.  They are solely focused on themselves and … Continue reading

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The Ecology of Sharing: Synthesizing OER Research

Arguably, Open Educational Resources (OER) are starting to enter the mainstream, though some fundamental questions about their value and impact remain to be answered or supported with appropriate evidence. Much early OER activity was driven by ideals and interest in … Continue reading

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Exploring the Role of Boundary Spanning in Distributed Networks of Knowledge

Knowledge sharing and creation are considered key processes leading to innovation and organizational performance. Several organizational initiatives have focused on building communities of practice in order to create a platform where employees can share experiences and insights. The focus in … Continue reading

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Sharing – Culture and the Economy in the Internet Age

In the past fifteen years, file sharing of digital cultural works between individuals has been at the center of a number of debates on the future of culture itself. To some, sharing constitutes piracy, to be fought against and eradicated. … Continue reading

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The New Sharing Economy

Technology is connecting individuals to information, other people, and physical things in ever-more efficient and intelligent ways. It’s changing how we consume, socialize, mobilize— ultimately, how we live and function together as a society. In a global economy where the … Continue reading

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