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Educational Ecosystems for Societal Transformation

As the 21st century unfolds, humanity is facing unprecedented opportunities and existential challenges never before seen in the history of our species. As our technological achievements continue to evolve at exponential rates and our human systems span the globe, we … Continue reading

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Social Innovation and its relationship to Social Change

Verifying existing Social Theories in reference to Social Innovation and its Relationship to Social Change. The task of understanding and unlocking the potential of social innovation is on the research and policy agenda alike: While “in recent years, social innovation has become increasingly … Continue reading

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The Effects of Social communication Dynamics on Opinion Change

Many social interactions are characterized by dynamic interplay, such that individuals exert reciprocal influence over each other’s behaviors and opinions. The present study investigated 3how the dynamics of reciprocal influence affect decisions made in a social context, over and above the … Continue reading

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Resisting change: understanding obstacles to social progress

In this shortened excerpt from How Change Happens, Duncan Green, Oxfam Great Britain’s Senior Strategic Adviser, discusses the complexities behind social activism and breaks down the underlying factors that fuel the resistance to change. Systems, whether in thought, politics, or … Continue reading

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Generative Mechanisms Transforming the Social Order

This volume examines how generative mechanisms emerge in the social order and their consequences. It does so in the light of finding answers to the general question posed in this book series: Will Late Modernity be replaced by a social … Continue reading

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Social Morphogenesis

The rate of social change has speeded up in the last three decades, but how do we explain this? This volume ventures what the generative mechanism is that produces such rapid change and discusses how this differs from late Modernity. … Continue reading

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‘Design Thinking’ is changing the way we approach problems

Why researchers in various disciplines are using the principles of design to solve problems big and small. “Design is an iterative process – we make, and evaluate, and even by making we change our understanding [of the process]. Even a … Continue reading

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Youth-Led Social Change: Topics, Engagement Types, Organizational Types, Strategies and Impacts

This paper provides a framework for evaluating youth-led social change. The framework considers: seven topics (e.g., environment, human health and safety, and education); nine engagement types (e.g., volunteerism, research and innovation, and political engagement); six organizational types (e.g., advisory body, … Continue reading

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Community Entrepreneurship – A framework for Social Change Leadership

The objectives of this article are to: (1) characterize the special requirements for practicing leadership in community-based, social change settings; (2) identify a distinctive kind of leadership, called community entrepreneurship, which is appropriate to such settings; and (3) draw implications … Continue reading

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Toward a Framework of Social Change Leadership

This paper presents and describes an emergent framework of social change leadership, based on a multi-year, multi-modal, qualitative study of social change organizations. The framework poses that the consistent use of a set of leadership drivers, anchored in a set … Continue reading

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