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Gender Stratified Monopoly: Why Do I Earn Less and Pay More?

A modified version of Monopoly has long been used as a simulation exercise to teach inequality. Versions of Modified Monopoly (MM) have touched on minority status relative to inequality but without an exploration of the complex interaction between minority status … Continue reading

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Interactive effects of academic competition and social class on achievement

As compared to continuing-generation students, first-generation students are struggling more at a university. In the present article, we question the unconditional nature of such a phenomenon and argue that it depends on structural competition. Indeed, most academic departments use harsh … Continue reading

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Pierre Bourdieu – Capital simbólico y clases sociales

En esta breve pero densa pieza, escrita para un número especial del journal L’Arc dedicado al historiador medieval Georges Duby (cuya gigantesca obra Bourdieu admiraba y se basaba por su escrupulosa genealogía de la estructura mental y social de la … Continue reading

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La Centralidad Política de la Clase y la Izquierda Académica Actual

“Estos nuevos guerreros no clasistas de cierta izquierda académica actual aceptan en la práctica la construcción neoliberal del universo social. Tampoco para ellos hay clases o política de clases; simplemente, un mundo postmoderno en el que la fragmentación, la diversidad … Continue reading

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Cognitive Psychology – from the Bourgeois Individual to Class Struggle

At their best, radical critiques of cognitive psychology call into question the atomistic, mechanistic, and representational foundations of modern epistemology. Despite some notable exceptions, critics of cognitive psychology have rarely ventured into the domain of political economy. Indeed, the overwhelming … Continue reading

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The Architecture of the Information Society

The Unified Theory of Information considers society a self-organising and information-generating system hierarchically made up of a series of encapsulated subsystems, as there are technology, ecology, economy, polity, culture. Information society is considered to be endowed with the capability of  … Continue reading

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Class, Precarity, and Anxiety under Neoliberal Global Capitalism

Circumstantial precarity correlates with anxiety, but the relationship is complex because people often quell anxiety by denying precarity. This article focuses in particular on how in this neoliberal era such psychological responses to precarity are class variegated and articulated with … Continue reading

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Transmitting Class across Generations

The voluminous literature on intergenerational transmission often engages with the transmission of poverty and poor educational attainment. This article reviews and questions the assumptions made within this literature. In particular, the paper seeks to engage with the central importance of … Continue reading

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Social Class and Educational Inequality: The Impact of Parents and Schools

Social class is often seen as an intractable barrier to success, yet a number of children from disadvantaged backgrounds still manage to show resilience and succeed against the odds. This book presents the findings from fifty Child and Family Case … Continue reading

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