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‘Design Thinking’ is changing the way we approach problems

Why researchers in various disciplines are using the principles of design to solve problems big and small. “Design is an iterative process – we make, and evaluate, and even by making we change our understanding [of the process]. Even a … Continue reading

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Design Thinking For Social Innovation

Design thinking is ideal for social innovation because teams find out the needs of the community they are trying to help before designing a product or service. Involving local groups through all the stages of design thinking can help create … Continue reading

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New Frontiers in Social Innovation Research

Interest in social innovation continues to rise, from governments setting up social innovation ‘labs’ to large corporations developing social innovation strategies. Yet theory lags behind practice, and this hampers our ability to understand social innovation and make the most of … Continue reading

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Social Innovation Exchange

SIX is now the world’s primary network focusing on social innovation. Our vision is that people all over the world can become better innovators by more easily connecting to their peers, sharing methods and exchanging solutions globally. We connect people … Continue reading

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Transnational Network for Social Innovation Incubation

Transnational Network for Social Innovation Incubation – TRANSITION – is a 30-month project that supports the scaling-up of social innovations across Europe by developing a network of incubators which brings together established partners within the fields of social innovation (SI) … Continue reading

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Social Innovation Lab Guide

The Social Innovation Lab emphasizes not only imagining high potential interventions but also gaining system sight, redefining problems, and identifying opportunities in the broader context with the potential to tip systems in positive directions. It is a three-step process of … Continue reading

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Social Innovation – Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Following the approach of Social Innovation not only being a key driver for companies in the future but a whole new paradigm, this book takes a new approach. Instead of listing current Social Innovations as best-practice examples and focusing on … Continue reading

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Leadership Style of Financially Sustainable Social Innovation Projects

This thesis aims to increase the understanding about leadership in social innovation projects. The study begins examining the literature of social innovation projects to demonstrate that due to their specific nature, they constitute an interesting and particular context to study … Continue reading

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Swarmwise – Guide to Change the World using Swarm Methodology

Somewhere today, a loose-knit group of activists who are having fun is dropkicking a rich, established organization so hard they are making heads spin. Rich and resourceful organizations are used to living by the golden rule — “those with the … Continue reading

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Managing Complexity by Innovation

To remind the trivial: innovation constitutes the means of societal rejuvenation substantiating societal metamorphosis. Innovation appears symptom, origin and driver as well as result of societal change. Innovate, or shrink and decline. The ubiquitous shifts of globalisation need be met … Continue reading

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