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Modest Sociality, Minimal Cooperation and Natural Intersubjectivity

What is the relation between small-scale collaborative plans and the execution of those plans within interactive contexts? I argue here that joint attention has a key role in explaining how shared plans and shared intentions are executed in interactive contexts. … Continue reading

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Ontogeny of prosocial behavior across diverse societies

Humans are an exceptionally cooperative species, but there is substantial variation in the extent of cooperation across societies. Understanding the sources of this variability may provide insights about the forces that sustain cooperation. We examined the ontogeny of prosocial behavior … Continue reading

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The Philosophy of Sociality: The Shared Point of View

This book is about the conceptual resources and philosophical prerequisites that a proper understanding and explaining of the social world requires. The main thesis of the book is that this can only be based on a group’s point of view, or as … Continue reading

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Collective Personalities of Social Groups: present knowledge and new frontiers

Collective personalities refer to temporally consistent behavioral differences between distinct social groups. This phenomenon is a ubiquitous and key feature of social groups in nature, as virtually every study conducted to date has documented repeatable between-group differences in collective behavior, … Continue reading

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The Story of Sociality: Psychology in Society

Asserting that some phenomenon exists in society is so banal that it warrants not being taken notice of. And yet Psychology in society, all those 30 years ago now, asserted precisely that psychology was in society. Well, where else could … Continue reading

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Sociality Influences Cultural Complexity

Archaeological and ethnohistorical evidence suggests a link between a population’s size and structure, and the diversity or sophistication of its toolkits or technologies. Addressing these patterns, several evolutionary models predict that both the size and social interconnectedness of populations can … Continue reading

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