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Anthropology as Theoretical Storytelling

Anthropologists are storytellers. We tell stories: other’s stories, our own stories, stories about other’s stories. But when I think about anthropology and storytelling, I think also of something else, of anthropology as theoretical storytelling. What is anthropology as theoretical storytelling? … Continue reading

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Story Networks: A Theory of Narrative and Mass-Collaboration

According to theorist Michael Heim, a virtual world is defined as a whole – not fragments, not a collection of parts, but a complete world – that is separate from a space we think of as “home.” “Home is the … Continue reading

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When Aboriginal and Métis Teachers use Storytelling as an Instructional Practice

Read   In traditional times, storytelling was used for many  reasons—to teach values, beliefs, morals, history, and life skills in Indigenous communities. Storytelling still holds value as it has become a powerful and interactive instructional tool in today’s classrooms.  In … Continue reading

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Three spaces – Complexity, Curiosity and Storytelling

Three spaces – Complexity, Curiosity and Sorytelling   Curiosity is our main ally in understanding the complexity that involves many challenges we face today. Different strategies in the narrative have a very strong role in knowledge transfer. If we’re in … Continue reading

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Re-imagining the future – Young People’s construction of identities through digital storytelling

This review paper explores a relationship between young people‟s identity construction and digital storytelling in the learning environment, especially those who are disaffected and at risk of being socially excluded. In particular, I will focus on the young people‟s engagement … Continue reading

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