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The relations of Learning and Student Social Class – toward re-socializing Sociocultural Learning Theory

Although social groups have long been the subject of Vygotskian-inspired research, as in Luria’s early study of urban, rural and homeless children, there has been little work on low-income learners as a social group within the activity context of the … Continue reading

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Students as Change Agents

“There is a subtle, but extremely important, difference between an institution that ‘listens’ to students and responds accordingly, and an institution that gives students the opportunity to explore areas that they believe to be significant, to recommend solutions and to … Continue reading

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Student as producer: an institution of the common?

This paper presents the further development of the concept of student as producer from a project that seeks to radicalise the idea of the university by connecting research and teaching, to a vision of higher learning and revolutionary science based … Continue reading

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Student Activism on Campus: It’s Not Just for Lefties Anymore

When talk turns to college student activism, most people will conjure up images reminiscent of the anti-war movement of the 1960s. But when it comes to campus politics, the students doing the acting are not just on the left and … Continue reading

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Students are not customers

Students are not customers – in the ongoing debate post-tuition fees rise, students are likened, more and more, to customers, but I believe the analogy simply doesn’t ring true. I form this view on the basis that you cannot pay … Continue reading

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Spying on Students

The digital tracking and surveillance of school-aged kids has been growing.  Much attention has been given to the phenomenon of corporate tracking of kids’ online activities, activities that violate the Children’s Online Privacy  Protection Act . Schools across the country … Continue reading

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Movimiento Estudiantil y Desacuerdo: Un voto por la Creatividad

La cultura política chilena después de la dictadura ha instalado como principio de su estabilidad al dispositivo del acuerdo. Por dispositivo entenderemos, tal como lo señalaba Michel Foucault, a todo un conjunto de valores, disposiciones de lenguaje, normas, infraestructura, etc., … Continue reading

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On International Students in European Universities

As economic troubles continue to plague Europe, universities here are ramping up their efforts to recruit tuition-paying students overseas. At the same time, more European academics are asking whether these students are being treated well, challenging institutions to think less … Continue reading

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Student Movements and the Power of Disruption

Student movements have played a crucial role in many major social and political transformations, at least partially because of their unique social status. Students are young and relatively unencumbered; students as individuals inhabit a transitory identity that they will soon … Continue reading

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Measuring Cognitive and Dispositional Characteristics of Creativity in Elementary Students

This article describes the theoretical underpinning and development of a measurement instrument that provides teachers with a tool to observe the personal creativity characteristics of individual students. The instrument was developed by compiling a list of characteristics derived from the … Continue reading

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