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The State of Surveillance

This terrain is the English philosopher Jeremy Bentham’s panopticon (the prison he designed in the 1870s), as seen from the viewpoint of Michel Foucault. The authors use Foucault’s Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison as a gateway to … Continue reading

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On democracy, surveillance and our future after Corona

A crisis can be a turning point for society. Which way will we go now? Professor Yuval Noah Harari, whose company donated $1 million to WHO,  following the US president’s decision to hold back funding. explains how the decisions we … Continue reading

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Observing the Others, Watching Over Oneself: themes of medical surveillance in society

This article explores two instances of medical surveillance that illustrate post-panoptic views of the body in biomedicine, from the patient to the population. Techniques of surveillance and monitoring are part of medical diagnostics, epidemiological studies, aetiologic research, health care management; they also … Continue reading

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Health, Medicine and Surveillance in the 21st Century

By the beginning of the 21st Century, Surveillance Studies are highlighting how contemporary surveillance is neither limited nor specific, in either scope or design (Lyon 2002). The digital revolution has taken mass surveillance from a possibility to a reality. From cradle to … Continue reading

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Workplace surveillance: an overview

This article attempts to review the proliferation of research findings about surveillance in the workplace and the issues surrounding it. It establishes a number of points of departure when considering the issue of workplace surveillance, before reviewing some of the more critical issues. … Continue reading

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Seeking Online Refuge From Spying Eyes

There was the report that the National Security Agency can create sophisticated maps of some people’s personal information and social connections. There were the recent changes to Facebook’s privacy settings that will no longer allow users to hide their profiles … Continue reading

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Surveillance, democracy, transparency – a global view

… powerful voices in politics, culture and academia are recognising the need for debate on state surveillance … significant voices from across the political, cultural and academic spectrum, as well as experts in privacy and security, have acknowledged genuine issues … Continue reading

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The Snowden files: why the British public should be worried about GCHQ

What this adds up to is a new thing in human history: with a couple of clicks of a mouse, an agent of the state can target your home phone, or your mobile, or your email, or your passport number, … Continue reading

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Spying on Democracy: Government Surveillance, Corporate Power, and Public Resistance

In Spying on Democracy, National Lawyers Guild Executive Director Heidi Boghosian documents the disturbing increase in surveillance of ordinary citizens and the danger it poses to our privacy, our civil liberties, and to the future of democracy itself. Boghosian reveals … Continue reading

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How the Surveillance State Breeds Conformity and Fear

The Surveillance State hovers over any attacks that meaningfully challenge state-appropriated power. It doesn’t just hover over it. It impedes it, it deters it and kills it. That’s its intent. It does that by design. And so, understanding what the … Continue reading

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