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Navigating Social-Ecological Systems: Building Resilience for Complexity and Change

In the effort towards sustainability, it has become increasingly important to develop new conceptual frames to understand the dynamics of social and ecological systems. Drawing on complex systems theory, this book investigates how human societies deal with change in linked … Continue reading

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Engaging families in environmental education – how action, critical thinking, and social learning can foster change

Families are important drivers of sustainability yet little research has studied how to engage them in environmental education. Therefore, a family environmental education program based on action, critical thinking, and social learning was developed and piloted that provided households with … Continue reading

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Sustainable tourism pedagogy and academic-community collaboration: A progressive service-learning approach

This article proposes a progressive, experiential and collaborative approach to sustainable tourism pedagogy (STP). Six core STP literacies (technical, analytical, ecological, multi-cultural, ethical, policy and political) are identified, which guide skill and knowledge development for the sustainability practitioner . These … Continue reading

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Eleven Things I’ve Learned About Sustainability

It seems clear to me that the search for solutions to the challenges faced in common by all people will not be successful if limited to an outward quest for answers in the domains of science and technology – that … Continue reading

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Crafting Organizations as Sustainable Human Systems

Talented people and collaborative partnerships are essential resources for today’s organizations. Critical, then, is leading organizations from a vantage point of stewardship and justice. From a systems perspective, sustainability is woven into the fabric of the entire organization, touching many … Continue reading

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Complexity Theory for a Sustainable Future

Complexity theory illuminates the many interactions between natural and social systems, providing a better understanding of the general principles that can help solve some of today’s most pressing environmental issues. Complexity theory was developed from key ideas in economics, physics, … Continue reading

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Education as Re-Embedding

How we know, is at least as important as what we know: Before educationalists can begin to teach sustainability, we need to explore our own views of the world and how these  are  formed. The paper  explores the ontological assumptions … Continue reading

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Social innovation and sustainability

Presentation by Professor Frances Westley during the 2011 Nobel Laureate Symposium in Stockholm. View

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Common People’s Sustainability – Connectivity within a Food System Rhizome

They say that sustainable development has been around for about 20 years and not very much progress has been achieved. However, this view may refer to difficulties in identifying sustainable developments in everyday business activities without particularly visible publicity. Currently, … Continue reading

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Resilience and Higher Order Thinking

To appreciate, understand, and tackle chronic global social and environmental problems, greater appreciation of the importance of higher order thinking is required. Such thinking includes personal epistemological beliefs (PEBs), i.e., the beliefs people hold about the nature of knowledge and … Continue reading

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