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Design as Participation

A consideration of design as a form of participation in complex adaptive systems. This new generation of designers that work with complex adaptive systems. Why are they so much more humble than their predecessors who designed, you know, stuff? The … Continue reading

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Responding to Complexity in Socio-economic Systems: How to build a Smart and Resilient Society?

The world is changing at an ever-increasing pace. And it has changed in a much more fundamental way than one would think, primarily because it has become more connected and interdependent than in our entire history. Every new product, every … Continue reading

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From Social Simulation to Integrative System Design

Read As the recent financial crisis showed, today there is a strong need to gain “ecological perspective” of all relevant interactions in socio-economic-techno-environmental systems. For this, we suggested to set-up a network of Centers for integrative systems design, which shall … Continue reading

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