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Systems Thinking – Creative Holism for Managers

In a world of complexity and change, managers are asked to tackle a much greater diversity of problems. This requires the putting in place of flexible structures as well as the demonstration of transformational leadership qualities. Holism puts the study … Continue reading

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Systems Education at Bergen

At the University of Bergen in Norway, educating students to use computer models and to think systemically about social and economic problems began in the 1970s. The International Masters Program in System Dynamics was established in 1995, and a Ph.D. … Continue reading

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Education for an Emerging Society

“Social evolution is showing us some interesting patterns in the behaviour of our society. It seems that we have in some ways trapped ourselves within the structures that we have created. Throughout the brief history of the educational systems typical … Continue reading

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Managing Systemic Risk using Systems Thinking in Practice

Managing uncertainties associated with, say, water security, toxic wastes, or biotechnology, invites growing relevance from the field of complexity sciences that everything is connected. Systems ideas such as complex adaptive systems or the ecosystems approach have consequently gained attention in … Continue reading

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Reflecting on Boundaries: Who is Teaching and Who is Learning?

By looking at the boundaries of a system, we can identify some of the challenges and opportunities to transform that system. As a faculty member I find the practice of “blurring the boundaries” to be transformative for myself and my … Continue reading

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Systems Thinking: An Essential Skill for Living in the 21st Century

The ISSS conference launched with an inspiring talk by Humberto Maturana and Ximena Davila. They shared their perspective on the nature of being human and how we can make better choices as to the future we want to live as … Continue reading

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Systems thinking and courage

In all the books and research papers on systems thinking that I have read, I don’t think I have yet found the word courage as part of the language used. There is a lot written about systems thinking in terms … Continue reading

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Design Thinking and Conscious Evolution

Systems thinking is a holistic form of understanding, analysis, and problem solving. It’s also a way to bring balanced, more impactful solutions to our businesses and social challenges. But what about design thinking? Design thinking involves using design methodologies to … Continue reading

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