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Promoting Creativity through Explicit Teaching Strategies

Creativity is a recognizable and valued skill but is prone to multiple interpretations both in terms of its very nature and how it can be developed in students. This paper highlights one approach that has been taken in an undergraduate … Continue reading

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Teaching as a Design Science: Building Pedagogical Patterns for Learning and Technology

Teaching is changing. It is no longer simply about passing on knowledge to the next generation. Teachers in the twenty-first century, in all educational sectors, have to cope with an ever-changing cultural and technological environment. Teaching is now a design … Continue reading

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Early Childhood and Neuroscience – Links to Development and Learning

This volume dispels neuro-myths and gives insight into how to use neuroscience to understand and utilize the information gleaned to educate young children. Each chapter discusses a different topic that is intertwined with neuroscience and how it impacts young children. … Continue reading

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On Learning by Teaching

As Science of Us has pointed out before, the science of how to best learn new information is tricky, and false beliefs abound. A recent study in Memory & Cognition offers up an intriguing possibility about how to best learn: … Continue reading

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Teachers Teaching with Socrates

We’re starting this celebration of teaching with Socrates, the superstar teacher of the ancient world. He was sentenced to death more than 2,400 years ago for “impiety” and “corrupting” the minds of the youth of Athens. But Socrates’ ideas helped … Continue reading

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Getting Student Feedback to Improve Teaching

During the summer, you’ll want to improve your teaching and lessons, but how do you decide where to start? Your students! I use these three ways to get feedback from my students on my lessons, activities, and what I can … Continue reading

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Inside-Out Pedagogy – Theorising Pedagogical Transformation Through Teaching Philosophy

This retrospective interview study focused on the impact that training and implementation of Philosophy, in Lipman’s tradition of Philosophy for Children, had on the pedagogy of 14 primary teachers at one school. Semistructured interviews were conducted to document the impact … Continue reading

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Using Drama as an Effective Method to Teach Elementary Students

“Human beings are storytelling primates. We are curious, and we love to learn. The challenge for each teacher is to find ways to engage the child and take advantage of the novelty-seeking property of the human brain to facilitate learning”. … Continue reading

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Teaching about Economic and Social Inequality

South Africa is a country of stark contrasts, with opulence co-existing alongside poverty. Historically the issue of class has been narrowly linked to race, yet in present day South Africa, economic inequality and poverty knows no racial boundary. Teachers often … Continue reading

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Teaching human rights

Human rights education is a prominent concern of a number of international organisations and has been dominant on the United Nations’ agenda for the past 20 years. The UN Decade for Human Rights Education (1995–2004) has been followed by the … Continue reading

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