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Team Cognition as Interaction

Teams perform cognitive activities such as making decisions and assessing situations as a unit. The team cognition behind these activities has traditionally been linked to individual knowledge and its distribution across team members. The theory of interactive team cognition instead … Continue reading

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Facilitating Knowledge Building in Teams

Problem-solving teams composed of members possessing unique knowledge tend to be ineffective because of impediments that limit information sharing, including the sampling advantage of common information and differential schema structures among team members. Teams using a team training strategy aimed … Continue reading

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Cognitive Diversity in Teams: A Multidisciplinary Review

The growing research literature on cognitive diversity in teams has multidisciplinary and international relevance. However, the varied conceptual and operational definitions restrict theory development and comparisons of empirical results. The purpose of the present article is to provide guidance for … Continue reading

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Understanding Macrocognition in Teams

Objective: This article presents a model for predicting complex collaborative processes as they arise in one-of-a-kind problem-solving situations to predict performance outcomes. The goal is to outline a set of key processes and their interrelationship and to describe how these … Continue reading

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Great Teams Need Social Intelligence, Equal Participation, and More Women

In sports, some people are famous for “making other players better.” Magic Johnson, the great basketball player and winner of five National Basketball Association championships, was not merely a terrific scorer, passer, and rebounder; he also transformed his teammates, some … Continue reading

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The New Science of Team Science

Once upon a time, it was the lone scientist who achieved brilliant breakthroughs. No longer. Today, science is done in teams of as many as hundreds of researchers who may be scattered across continents and represent a range of hierarchies. … Continue reading

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The New Science of Building Great Teams

Why did the manager at a major bank have such trouble figuring out why some of his teams got excellent results, while other, seemingly similar, teams struggled? Indeed, none of the metrics that poured in hinted at the reason for … Continue reading

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The Science behind Team Intelligence

What makes teams effective? People have been trying to find out for centuries, but researchers looking into that question recently discovered something new. According to psychologists at MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and Union College, groups take on a character of their … Continue reading

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Creativity and Complexity in Cross Functional Teams

Cross functional collaboration, when individuals attempt to integrate their diverse knowledge backgrounds into synergistic solutions, is the intersection of a complex set of factors researched in a variety of fields: psychology, management. social psychology, computer science, design, architecture, and many … Continue reading

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Leadership Emergence in Multicultural Teams

Building on theories of person-environment fit and on the pattern approach, we hypothesized that emergent leaders in multicultural teams score higher than non-leaders in terms of the three global characteristics, of cultural intelligence, global identity and openness to cultural diversity. … Continue reading

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