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Sociomaterial Practices – Exploring Technology at Work

In this essay, I begin with the premise that everyday organizing is inextricably bound up with materiality and contend that this relationship is inadequately reflected in organizational studies that tend to ignore it, take it for granted, or treat it … Continue reading

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New Technology and Habits of Mind

The centrality of technology in human life has manifested itself throughout history in all cultures and civilisations. This paper examines the role of new technology in restructuring processes of thinking and knowing, and its impact on social practices of knowledge … Continue reading

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Race Against The Machine

In Race Against the Machine, drawing on research by their team at the Center for Digital Business, they show that there’s been no stagnation in technology — in fact, the digital revolution is accelerating. Recent advances are the stuff of … Continue reading

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Review of Technology, Culture, and Socioeconomics – A Rhizoanalysis of Educational Discourses

Rhizoanalysis. If this term is unfamiliar, don’t resist it; it concerns an important and accessible concept. A common metaphor for analysis is that of a tree: a central stem, roots at one end, and branches at the other, and by … Continue reading

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Intellectuals and New Technology

I am thus suggesting that intellectuals in the present moment must master new technologies and that there is thus a more intimate relationship between intellectuals and technology than in previous social configurations. To be an intellectual today involves use of … Continue reading

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