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Pandemic practicalities and how to help teenagers manage time at home

IIt’s May and many of us have fond memories of springtime when we were in high school. There was some stress from exams and final papers to be sure, but also more outdoor activities, sports, banquets or awards assemblies, proms, … Continue reading

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Teens are wired to resent being stuck with parents and cut off from friends during coronavirus lockdown

Social distancing contradicts much of what being a teenager is all about. As a psychology professor who studies adolescents’ peer relationships, I find it helpful to think about this reality from a developmental perspective – assuming certain tasks arise at … Continue reading

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Detecting Depression in Teens

There is a stigma surrounding emotional disorders, which prevents people from seeking help. And most people often don’t know that they or their friends or a family member are experiencing depressive symptoms. Schools have several characteristics that make them an … Continue reading

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Growing up in disadvantaged areas may affect teens’ brains

New research has found growing up in a disadvantaged neighbourhood may have negative effects on children’s brain development. But for males, at least, positive parenting negated these negative effects, providing some good lessons for parents. Living in a disadvantaged neighbourhood … Continue reading

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The Developing Social Brain: Implications for Education

This paper discusses the development of the human social brain. First, I will argue that social cognition is uniquely important and describe evidence that social interaction plays a critical role in early brain development. I will then discuss recent research … Continue reading

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