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The Student Theorist: An Open Handbook of Collective College Theory

This book-in-progress has been (and is being) almost entirely created by undergraduate students and recent alums. Welcome to The Student Theorist! More than a “textbook” or a “handbook,” this text is an open access, digitally published, ongoing, annotatable collection of … Continue reading

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Anthropology as Theoretical Storytelling

Anthropologists are storytellers. We tell stories: other’s stories, our own stories, stories about other’s stories. But when I think about anthropology and storytelling, I think also of something else, of anthropology as theoretical storytelling. What is anthropology as theoretical storytelling? … Continue reading

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Making a Difference in Theory: The theory question in education and the education question in theory

Making a Difference in Theory brings together original work from an international group of authors on the roles of theory in educational research and practice. The book discusses the different roles theory plays, can play and should play, both from … Continue reading

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Emergence of Systems – Towards a General Theory of Emergence

This book contains the Proceedings of the 2007 Conference of the Italian Systems Society. Papers deal with the interdisciplinary study of processes of emergence, considering theoretical aspects and applications from physics, cognitive science, biology, artificial intelligence, economics, architecture, philosophy, music … Continue reading

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Systems Theories: Their Origins, Foundations, and Development

The method proposed by systems theory is to model complex entities created by the multiple interaction of components by abstracting from certain details of structure and component, and concentrating on the dynamics that define the characteristic functions, properties, and relationships … Continue reading

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Multitudes – Présentation de la revue

Multitudes n’est qu’une revue. Mais une revue à l’âge des multitudes, de l’Internet, de la mondialisation. Multitudes est une revue qui fait sienne une formule de Michel Foucault qui caractérisait ainsi son projet : “J’essaie […] en dehors de toute … Continue reading

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All Change – Will There Be a Revolution in Economic Thinking in the Next Few Years

On 15 September 2008, Lehman Brothers – then the fourth-largest investment bank on Wall Street – filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. A year later,  the world economy was in the depths of its worst recession since the 1930s. This … Continue reading

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Social Movements and Current Network Research

Read –   Presentation A closer look at current academic research suggests a sweeping paradigm shift towards network thinking.  This outburst of scholarly activity spans very disparate research fields, ranging from  complexity theories and traditional hard science to organizational theory and … Continue reading

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Theory of the Organism-Envinonment System

Read The Theory of the Organism-Environment System starts with the proposition that in any functional sense organism and environment are inseparable and form only one unitary system. The organism cannot exist without the environment, and the environment has descriptive properties … Continue reading

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