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What makes an Effective Team? The role of Trust (dis)confirmation in Team Development

Most newly formed teams manage to function in spite of the fact that their members do not know each other. Over time, teams progress into successful units; however, sometimes, they regress into a situation where morale is worse than when … Continue reading

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The role of social cognition in decision making

Successful decision making in a social setting depends on our ability to understand the intentions, emotions, and beliefs of others. The mirror system (neurons) allows us to understand other people’s motor actions and action intentions. ‘Empathy’ allows us to understand and … Continue reading

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Trust, Computing, and Society

The Internet has altered how people engage with each other in myriad ways, including offering opportunities for people to act distrustfully. This fascinating set of essays explores the question of trust in computing from technical, socio-philosophical, and design perspectives. Why … Continue reading

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Market, hierarchy and trust – The knowledge economy and the future of capitalism

Recent conceptualizations of trends in the structure of U.S. industry have focused on the relative importance of markets, hierarchies, and hybrid intermediate forms. This paper advances the discussion by distinguishing three ideal–typical forms of organization and their corresponding coordination mechanisms: … Continue reading

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Co-versando sobre la confianza

La confianza entre las personas en el tema que da origen a esta nueva entrega de Co-versando, la Radio Matríztica. En esta oportunidad, los fundadores de Matríztica reflexionan en torno a una pregunta enviada desde Buenos Aires por Victor Lidejover, … Continue reading

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Connect.me – Building trust across the social web

Read Connect.Me is a simple yet powerful way to share your reputation and connect with respected people across the social web. See who respects you and share who you respect. Vouch for friends and co-workers, get recognized for your skills … Continue reading

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The Slave Trade and the Origins of Mistrust in Africa

Read We show that current differences in trust levels within Africa can be traced back to the trans-Atlantic and Indian Ocean slave trades. Combining contemporary individual-level survey data with historic data on slave shipments by ethnic group, we find that … Continue reading

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