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Uncertainty can cause more stress than inevitable pain

Knowing that there is a small chance of getting a painful electric shock can lead to significantly more stress than knowing that you will definitely be shocked Knowing that there is a small chance of getting a painful electric shock … Continue reading

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Curiosity through Embracing Uncertainty

In the classroom, subjects are often presented as settled and complete. Teachers lecture students as if no further questioning is needed because all the answers have been found. In turn, students regurgitate what they’ve been told, confident they’ve learned all … Continue reading

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Resilient Leaders — Implications for Leader Development

This research report delves into the notions of resilience and leadership, and into the processes that enable long-term resilience. It also explores the developmental interventions that can facilitate and sustain such processes, so as to ensure that the individual is … Continue reading

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On the Sensitivity of Collective Action to Uncertainty about Climate Tipping Points

Previous research shows that collective action to avoid a catastrophic threshold, such as a climate “tipping point,” is unaffected by uncertainty about the impact of crossing the threshold but that collective action collapses if the location of the threshold is … Continue reading

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A Complexity Approach to Disasters and Humanitarian Crises

Humanitarian crises and related complex emergencies caused by natural hazards or conflicts are marked by uncertainty. Disasters are extreme events mitigated through preparedness, response, and recovery. This article uses social complexity theory as a novel framework for deriving actionable insights … Continue reading

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Dr. Edgar Morin: Seven Complex Lessons in Education

Dr. Edgar Morin, an eminent sociologist and philosopher, discusses his work on Seven Complex Lessons in Education for the Future, addressing themes related to knowledge, identity and shared global challenges. “It is essential to teach and learn and see the … Continue reading

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Rhizomatic learning – Embracing Uncertainty

@davecormier – This is a home recording of a talk I gave at #edgex2012 detailing rhizomatic learning as a way of embracing uncertainty for the teaching and learning process. View View also: Rhizomatic Learning & Battling the Positivists

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The future under construction

Lean thinking defines value as providing benefit to the customer. Anything else is waste. But what if we really don’t know?  Then the most important business process is to find out. We have to learn what creates value for different … Continue reading

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State of Uncertainty – Innovation policy through experimentation

Read This paper proposes a new model for innovation policy that clearly distinguishes it from industrial policy. We challenge the idea, implicit in much existing practice, that governments operate levers that affect innovation in predictable ways, and argue that innovation … Continue reading

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What scientific concept would improve everybody’s cognitive toolkit?

What scientific concept would improve everybody’s cognitive toolkit? Read also: We must learn to love uncertainty and failure Being comfortable with uncertainty, knowing the limits of what science can tell us, and understanding the worth of failure are all valuable … Continue reading

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