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Addressing Intolerance and Extremism through Universal Values in Curricula

Underlying intolerance is the tendency to reject others’ values and/or to impose values on one another. This tendency persists in spite of growing dialogue on diversity, gender equality, the global equity imperative, and the increasing ease of real and virtual communication in the 21st century. … Continue reading

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Values in Dialogic Pedagogy

In November 2014 on the Dialogic Pedagogy Journal Facebook page, there was an interesting discussion of the issue of values in dialogic pedagogy. The main issue can be characterized as the following. Should dialogic pedagogy teach values? Should it avoid … Continue reading

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Economic Crisis and Human Values

The theory of modernization and cultural change suggests that socio-economic conditions are correlated with the values prevalent in the population. In the process of socio-economic development, human values change from survival values to self-expression values that result in greater civil … Continue reading

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Values and Imagination in Teaching – With a Special Focus on Social Studies

Read   Both local and global issues are typically dealt with in the Social Studies curriculum, or in curriculum areas with other names but similar intents. In the literature about Social Studies the imagination has played little role, and consequently … Continue reading

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