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The psychology of a workplace bully

The best way to deal with bullies at work is to group together with your co-workers and expose their behavior, so they lose the power to terrorize. Bullying can turn an idyllic job into something you dread. Whether it’s your … Continue reading

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Workplace surveillance: an overview

This article attempts to review the proliferation of research findings about surveillance in the workplace and the issues surrounding it. It establishes a number of points of departure when considering the issue of workplace surveillance, before reviewing some of the more critical issues. … Continue reading

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Swarming, Coworking and the Agile Workplace

Birds do it, bees do it, schools of whale-avoiding Atlantic herring do it. So do hockey teams, emergency departments, and volunteer firefighters. In social groups like these, collaborative efforts and collective decision-making happen “in the moment” and contribute significantly to … Continue reading

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Neoliberalism at Work

Organizational decision-makers increasingly promote neoliberal work practices, which emphasize market processes and unrestricted deployment of organizational resources, as a means to optimize economic performance in an intensely competitive environment. A growing number of sociologists have raised questions about their tactics … Continue reading

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Schooling in the Workplace – World’s Best Vocational Education Systems to Prepare Young People for Jobs and Life

Far too many young people currently enter adulthood without adequate preparation for the twenty-first-century job market. In Schooling in the Workplace, Nancy Hoffman addresses these questions head on, arguing that “the smartest and quickest route to a wide variety of … Continue reading

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About the Future of Work

Organizations are beginning to understand they need to invest in and cultivate the “ideas” in their workplace as a routine part of their work; ideas are to be managed with different methods than the industrial processes that allow you to … Continue reading

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When nobody (and everybody) is the boss

At the center of the company’s design for work is a mechanism that produces a dynamic sort of order. It’s called the “Colleague Letter of Understanding” (or CLOU, pronounced “clew”), a contract in which each individual defines his or her … Continue reading

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Designing Workspaces for Collaboration

Read Can you imagine an office that inspires you to work? The nature of work is evolving, and with it the workplace. We know that. These changes offer incredible potential for development. Workspaces are the ones that connect diverse organizations … Continue reading

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The Networked Workplace

Read The networked workplace is the new reality. It’s always on and globally connected. This is where all organizations are going, at different speeds and in a variety of ways. Some won’t make it. First you connect people inside the … Continue reading

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Linking Theory and Practice – Learning Networks at the Service of Workplace Innovation

Learning and innovation have become key concepts in charting a path to success. Innovations are often created in multi-actor networks, on the borders between different kinds of organisations. Learning network is a new model for co-operation between workplaces and R&D … Continue reading

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